Rooftop Snow Removal

Rooftop snow removal is usually required in the winter months, when snow and ice build up prevents the water from draining off the roof as it should. Snow and ice can clog the eavestrophs, or can build up in areas of the roof creating what is called a “ice dam”. When a ice dam forms, which is usually around the bottom of the roof, the water pools above the ice dam, which creates a backwards (negative) slope and causes the water to run backwards leading to a leak. It can be hard to tell is there is a ice dam sometimes, due to the overall amount of snow on a roof. However, signs of icedam’ are big icicles forming on the edge of the roof, or piles of snow on the roof that are around twice as big as the rest of the snow build up on the roof.
When there is a very snowy winter, and snow build up accumulates in mass amounts, it is important to remove the snow to remove stress from the foundation, and trusses of the building. There is some circumstances where roofs collapse from snow buildup, however, this is very rare and usually on older, unmaintained, homes and flat roofs, it is not something to overly worry about, however still be aware! If a major amount of snow is on a roof it is responsible, and wise to remove it to prevent leaks, stress on the building, and falling ice and snow.
Worker safety is always a major concern when roofing and especially when doing rooftop snow removal. Proper steps are always done to ensure safety. A man lift/cherry picker will be supplied in all some circumstances to help eliminate risks.
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