Sloped Roof Replacement (Reroof)

Getting a full roof replacement carries a lot of different options to choose from and can be a big project. Whether it be from a standard asphalt/fiberglass shingle, to a synthetic slate tile on copper, the roofing can be handled!

There is no way to get a exact price on a project, without going over every job individually and factoring multiple different aspects. Example, the layers of shingles, property protection, roof access, safety overview and potential custom metal detailing are some of the things that are always included in the costs for a roof replacement.

A table has been created, with package offers, to help with getting a basic idea for what the average project costs. A quick calculation of the roof size with the roof package wanted, example, a 1000 sq ft roof with a standard shingle package is  1000×3.90=$3900.

 “Premium Upgraded” packages include multiple techniques learned from different areas of Canada, to help with extreme weather resistance, going well above, to create a amazingly durable roof.



From: $3.90/sq ft


Asphalt/Fiberglass- From $5.25/ sq.ft

Metal- From $14/sq.ft

Premium Upgraded

Asphalt/Fiberglass-From $7.50/ sq.ft

Metal- From $19/sq.ft

Synthetic Slate/Cedar Shake – From $29/sq.ft

All of the packages include:

  • Existing roof removal and disposal
  • Premium Underlayment Protection
  • New Ventilation
  • Eavestroph Cleaning
  • All Quality Control Measures

Roof Decking (roof wood)

On rare occasion a complete new roof deck is needed mandatory. It is to be expected on older homes which either have boards, or have had 3+ roof replacements installed on the same deck. The reason for this is to ensure that the nails fasten the product to the roof with strength as previous nails/nail holes interfere with the new roof being installed properly, it affects wind resistance among other things.
Rotten wood most of the time can be replaced in patches, all of the potential costs associated with this are included in the quotes.
Feel free to contact anytime with any questions or for a quote!

The weather is always payed attention to while completing projects. Contact us anytime!

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