Other Roofing Services (Flat)

Flat Roofing

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Metal Roof Coatings

On a metal roof, sliding ice, hail, or other forms of nature can cause scratches on the primary paint coating, this causes the roof to rust. If the metal roof is a exposed fastener system, which is where screws are visible and exposed to the elements, the rubber washers on the bottom of the screws eventually wear out which causes leaks.
When a metal roof starts to rust or leak, a coating using a rubberized paint can be used instead of replacing the whole roof. There is a initial cleaning and removal of the rust, then a base coat is applied, after the base coat, a top coat is applied. This makes the roof good as new.
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Ventilation Overhaul

Having proper ventilation on a roof goes a long way to helping a roof last as long as possible. It creates a even balanced airflow in the attic, which stops overheating from happening in the summer, and excess condensation in the winter. A properly ventilated roof maximizes the energy efficiency of a home or building and can lower air conditioning costs in the summer.
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Roof Cleaning

A roof can develop algae on it from leafs and other organic material falling and staying on the roof. This reduces curb appeal, and also makes the roof wear out faster. The cleaning service offered removes all algae from the roof. Where there is major algae growth, zinc metal is installed across the roof to affect the water ph levels to remove all algae and organic staining naturally.

Eavestrouph Cleaning

When a Eavestrouph fills with leaves and debris, it is very important to have them cleaned. A clogged eavestroph can lead to overflowing. A eavestrophs purpose is to divert the water running off the roof, away from the foundation of a structure to keep it in good shape. If a eavestroph starts overflowing it can cause leaks in both the basement, and the roof, as the water can overflow backwards into the building as well.
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