New Building Roofing

Whether it be a whole new build roof, a addition to a existing home, service required on a new build, or simply a exhaust vent for a home renovation, there is no job to big or small. The new build service offered, consists of coordination with clients, to help ensure that getting the roof work complete, does not interfere with the overall production of the project and maintaining a top quality product.

Taking all extra steps to ensure a strong roof. All projects are guaranteed. Sloped products offered are asphalt/fiberglass shingles, metal shingles, synthetic cedar shakes, and synthetic slate. Custom metal and flashing is supplied where required as well.
There are many different options to choose from in regards to roofing products and accessories with different package offers to reflect this. There is no way to price a project solely by the sq/ft. Numerous things are factored which vary per project. However, a general sq/ft price range is listed to help customers get a idea of what the costs are for a basic roof with a walkable pitch.
New Construction sloped roofing packages include vents,valleys, underlayment, material supply and install:


(Standard Roof using standard ventilation)

Asphalt/Fiberglass Shingle- From $2.40/sq.ft

Metal- From $8/sq.ft


(Using high end products with premium underlayment coverage, premium ventilation, and premium flashing)

Asphalt/Fiberglass- From $3.75/ sq.ft

Metal- From $12.50/sq.ft

Synthetic Slate/Cedar Shake- From $18.50/sq.ft

Premium Upgraded

(Premium Roof Package upgraded with Extreme Climate techniques and skills, copper and lead is used in full as well)

Asphalt/Fiberglass-From $6/ sq.ft

Metal- From $17.50/sq.ft

Synthetic Slate/Cedar Shake – From $27.50/sq.ft

Contact anytime for any upcoming or current projects or developments that need quoted! Top quality service always, please visit the about page for more information on the service areas. No job to big or small! Guaranteed work!

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