Missing shingles is one of many things, that may only require a repair to keep a roof strong and in good shape to function properly. Wildlife damage, worn out sealant, clogged eavestrouphing or drainage, holes in the valley or flashing, water pooling and broken air vents are some more of the other issues that occur, which cause leaks and can be fixed without having to replace a whole roof.

Roof leaks, and condensation from improper ventilation, can ruin the insulation in the attic, leading to mold growth, as well as affecting the energy efficiency of home, as the insulation is not keeping the heat in the home anymore!
A roof leak can also lead to the roof deck being rotted, which increases the overall cost of replacement in the end, as the roof deck has to be replaced because it is not strong anymore. This is why it is very important to have roof inspections, maintenance, and repairs done often, by a professional roofing buisness, that can detect these things! (Lanham Roofing)
It is always good to have a roof inspection done, even if a home or building is not currently leaking. Having a inspection done can help to maintain a roof, and spot problem issues before they get worse, it is highly reccomended to get maintenance and inspection at least once per year. A proper inspection service consists of checking the whole roof to make sure the current roof system is still functioning properly, as well as, checking all potential problem areas and maintaining where required. This will help keep a roof as strong and resistant as possible. And last as long as it can.
Contact anytime for any inspection, maintanence or repair required, or for any questions or concerns that are needed to be answered about a current roof and it’s overall condition!

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