Flashing/Custom Metal

Flashing is a important part to a roof system, it keeps water from entering the interior of a structure by diverting the water away from the walls and protrusions connected to the roof (chimneys and skylights etc). It is usually done using a combination of metal and sealant. Over time, the sealant on the flashing wears out, also over time the metal can rust. It is recommended to get new flashing with a new roof or if a roof has been done recently, and the flashing did not get replaced.

Other custom metals are usually done in painted steel or copper as well, it is used primarily in custom form for detail areas of a building (Bay windows, ledges, etc). It is made from flat sheets of metal, cut and folded into a system. Even though the most common style of metal that’s custom made is 1 inch standing seam, there is other options to choose from. 1 inch standing seam is where the metal panels are connected using ribs, which are raises in the metal, this creates seams that are standing hence the name “standing seam”. A whole roof can be done in custom metal, however, do to the cost difference between the custom made, and pre manufactured panels of steel, it is usually only done in copper. A copper roof is normally all custom made and can last over 100 years.
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