Bringing 10 years of dedication and experience in the roofing industry, focusing on quality. Taking all precautions, to ensure that every project is completed safely and professionally. The goal with this business, is to ensure an extremely durable roof, that provides as much protection as possible from big storms, and the unpredictable weather of the future. While doing so, trying the absolute hardest to bring overall convenience to the customer.

Durable, Quality, Trustworthy Service. 

Why using underlayment is preferable?

Underlayment is the roofing material that is applied, underneath the main roofing. It creates the ultimate form of durability to a roof, if it is
installed correctly.

If you have missing shingles, a leaking roof, or would like a new roof, made amazingly durable, with very high quality environmentally friendly materials. Contact 24/7!

Specializing in roofing, roofing related metal projects, and rooftop snow removal. Other services that can be sometimes provided, if not referred, include other exterior metals, siding, windows, doors, sealing, wildlife control, chimney removal/minor maintenance.

Taking all necessary precautions, to ensure that every project is completed safely and professionally, the goal with this business, is to ensure a durable roof as possible, for all owners and occupants alike!

The weather is certainly unpredictable, and this is always kept in mind with projects, before and after completion.

Missing Shingles? Leaking Roof? New Shingles? New Roof made from Recyclable Material? New Skylight? New Vent? No problem!

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Service areas include, however aren’t limited to- Durham Region, Kawartha Lakes, Clarington, Brock township.

Adam Grant: “A few weeks ago I contacted Lanham Roofing and asked if they would come out to my property to give me a estimate for a new roof for my home. I have experienced so many trades who simply do not show up, and do not call, that I did not expect the relationship that developed.

Curtis arrived at my home on the exact date to do the estimate. And precisely on time. I had not met Curtis prior to this, and was very impressed
with him.

I hired Curtis to do the work required, and Curtis again showed up on the agreed upon date and at the time he had stated to me. Curtis and his crew worked until the job was completed. I watched the work being done, and was more than confident about the high quality of the workmanship. Upon completion of the job, the crew spent a great deal of time completely cleaning up the property, and ensuring that absolutely no roofing nails were left on the grounds. They also vaccumed the eavestroughs, outdoor furniture, and decks.
Both Curtis and his crew were very careful to take extra care to protect my wifes gardens. For that I am really grateful! Curtis also removed all the old roofing materials from my property and disposed of them at the local landfill.

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